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Your Golf Swing through the Eyes of a Chiropractor

The first thing that comes to mind of the many things that link chiropractic and golf is your spine angle. It is one of the most important features of having a repeatable and successful golf swing. Having a proper spine angle begins with having proper posture by hinging at your hips, maintaining a center of gravity, and comfortable balance when addressing the golf ball. A quick tip is have someone take a picture of your setup from behind and a side view to make sure your posture and spine angle appear as good as they feel so you do not develop improper habits. Now that you are ready to hit the ball, maintaining your spine angle throughout the motion of your swing is of importance because you do not want to be swaying up & down or back & forth. Imagine your spine as your axis point of your golf swing: you want to rotate into the backswing around this axis and then drive down through the ball from your hips to your shoulders around this axis to create a consistent, accurate result, all the while generating a maximum output of power. Proper spinal health is important to achieving this repeatable swing long term through spine angle and posture. Misalignments in the spine interfere with your spine’s range of motion, cause interference in nervous system function, and overtime can result in pain. This inhibits your body’s ability to have optimal rotation and not only hinders your swing, but also has long term effects on the body due to you compensating in other ways to get through your swing. This is one of the many reasons chiropractic and golf go hand-in-hand. Chiropractic care not only helps with physical output by allowing your body to perform at its peak levels, but also allows optimum nervous system function resulting in improved hand-eye coordination, improved reaction times, and overall optimal brain function.

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