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New Year's Resolutions & the MR-4 Cold LASER

"If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” -Unknown

We want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year from EPIC Chiropractic!

In this month’s newsletter, we will go over some New Year’s Resolution strategies so you can have the healthiest and happiest 2016! Also, we will spotlight the MR4 LASER we use here in the office for a wide-range of treatments. You will see some of our usual sections this month with a little twist such as: 2 of our most popular “questions answered by Dr. Morris” from 2015 and some fun Christmas themed ‘Did You Know’ facts to share around the office or over the Holidays with friends and family. As always, we love to spread the word of health and wellness, so feel free to share our newsletter with anyone you think would enjoy!

Top 2 Questions from 2015:

Q: I’m not in pain, am I still a candidate for chiropractic care?

A: Yes! While we are great at getting you pain-free here at EPIC, we also love keeping our patients that are pain-free in that state of wellness. Pain is typically the final indicator of dysfunction in the body. Our activities of daily living, whether they are strenuous or not, cause misalignments in your spine which leads to dysfunction in the body which can lead to more problems in the future. For an optimally functioning nervous system and body, we recommend you get your spine checked on routine wellness visits!

Q: What are some fitness tips for the holidays to avoid putting on those extra pounds?

A: Holiday season is upon us and we all know good food is just around the corner. Throughout this holiday season here are couple of tips to keep those extra unwanted pounds off:

  1. Plan walks after a big meal, this is a great time to visit with a family member or friend and you both get in some exercise post-feast.

  2. Exercise with those you are spending the holidays with. Invite them on a jog, bike ride or to the local gym for a quick work-out session. This will keep your exercise regimen maintained and help ignite your mood and metabolism over the holidays!

  3. The 2 P’s: (Portions and Pace) it is healthier to eat several smaller meals throughout the day versus one large meal; however, sometimes we cannot avoid the one large meal over the holidays, therefore, remember “pace”. Eating slower has been proven to help keep off those extra pounds and it also guards against overeating. So take a little extra time this holiday meal and you will notice you enjoy the food more and aren’t feeling the after effects of overeating!

A Glimpse at the MR4 LASER:

The Super Pulsed Multi-Radiance4 LASER is a safe, non-invasive, non-toxic, painless, highly-effective method of treating a wide range of conditions and complaints. The technology behind this LASER is literally rocket science! It uses clinically proven wavelengths, magnetic energy fields, and LASER technology to treat the source of pain all the way down to the cellular level of the body. It is able to recognize cellular interference, areas of inflammation, and all tissues in between that are in need of healing. It assists in removing this cellular interference; thus providing quicker rates of healing, relief of pain, and more cellular energy production at the site of concern. It is great for treating any sprain/strain injury, whiplash, disc herniations, knee pain, shoulder pain, and the list goes on… I encourage you to follow this link to MR4’s website, where it lists and shows proven clinical studies for a wide range of conditions!

Quick Tips to making the most of your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Write Them Down. Start Here. Make a list of your resolutions. I suggest writing them down neatly in a nice notebook, typing them on a word document and saving it to your desktop for easy access, or downloading one of the many available apps to your smart phone where you will always be carrying them with you as a reminder.

  • Categorize. Once you have your list (whether short or long), put each resolution under an umbrella category. For example, if your resolution is to “train and run a 5k” this year, place that under “Health & Fitness”. Some great category titles to keep in mind are: Health & Fitness, Financial, Self-Improvement, Relationships, Things to Learn, and Challenges.

  • 30 Day Challenge. It takes 30 days to form or break a habit. So, check back in with your resolutions on January 30th and if you are still going strong, more than likely, it’s there to stay!

  • Focus. This one is a personal preference for me. I recommend focusing in on a Top 3-5 resolutions. This allows you to really focus your efforts and energy towards these most important goals for the new year. A good way to do this is list 3-5 categories as listed above and focus on 1 resolution per category.

  • Hold Yourself Accountable. At minimum, pick a day of the month (I suggest the last day of each month) and review what you did that month to work towards each of these resolutions. If you are doing well, reward yourself with a splurge of some fashion. This is also a great time to game plan for the upcoming month and strategize how you are going to continue on your path to accomplishing your resolution or to figure out how you are going to do better in the month ahead!

  • Self Assurance. Lastly, remember, these are your resolutions and you can do them! Half of the battle is believing in yourself that you can accomplish everything you want in the upcoming year! Don’t get discouraged if you hit a slump or get off to a slow start; don’t lose hope, keep going strong! Successful people give themselves a “pep talk” each morning in the mirror of positive attributes and how they are going to conquer the day ahead; try this exercise of self re-assurance this year and you will notice your resolutions are no match for You!

"Did You Know?"

  • Male reindeer typically shed their antlers around the holidays, so it’s likely Santa’s sleigh is pulled by female reindeer.

  • The box of Barnum’s Animal Crackers was specifically designed to hang on a Christmas tree.

  • “Jingle Bells” is believed to be the first song ever sung in outer space.

Thanks for reading our Newsletter and remember to #liveEPIC!

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